Secretary Janet Napolitano recently announced an expansion of the "If You See Something, Say Something" campaign, because that is the sort of thing bureaucratic organizations do. But this struck fear into the hearts of certain wingnuts that are watching her closely these days, as she is not one of their beloved Republican Homeland Security secretaries, but rather a communist, FEMALE "Big Sister." All seemed stable, and nobody was drinking rat poison with their coonhound so they could be out before Napolitano got to them. But then certain people finally found out she was going after Wal-Mart, which is against the Constitution maybe.

Team Sarah knows what's up. It's called "betrayal," and they never thought it would happen to their dear friend, the people-eating Wal-Mart corporation.

I just became a dedicated Target/ Kmart Shopper. Walmart won't be getting my business anymore. Homeland security installing telescreens in over 800 walmarts nationwide. Whats next? TSA X-ray machines and pat downs in place of the Walmart Greeters.

Yes, how dare Wal-Mart do this. It used to be that wingnuts were terrified The Terrorists would bomb their local Wal-Mart, because it was such a good target and needed gobs of Homeland Security money to protect it. But now Wal-Mart wants them to report suspicious activity to police, like good citizens? NUH-UH.

There are a lot of suspicious things in the store - including the fact that everything says "made in China" on it somewhere.


"If you see something, say something." How about - HEY YOU - CAN I SEE YOUR GREEN CARD?


Homeland Security is being run by the communist party USA and happens to have a woman as its head and spokesperson.

YES! YES! Destroy the Wal-Mart! That planet-sized capitalist enterprise is a COMMUNIST! The only alternatives are the other huge stores that are exactly like it -- but we will all have to cope. [Team Sarah]


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