Janis Karpinski Heckles, Tortures Lindsay Graham

Tough crowd - WonketteThe showing of Ghosts of Abu Ghraib last night marked the first time in history something interesting happened during a post-screening roundtable.

"Karpinski should have been court-martialed," said the South Carolina Republican, who sits on the Armed Services Committee. "She was not a good commander."

That would be former Brig. General Janis Karpinski, who was, unbeknownst to Graham, in the audience!

"I consider you as cowardly as [Lt. Gen. Ricardo] Sanchez or [Donald] Rumsfeld or [former Guantanamo Bay commander Geoffrey] Miller," she shot back.

While we were once also of the opinion that Col. Karpinski got off easy, we've changed our mind on her. Both because yelling at Lindsay Graham is usually a good move and because she later told a Post reporter than Sanchez, Miller, and Rumsfeld should all be rotting in prison right now.

Across town at the Breach screening, meanwhile, these guys committed upon the audience the very atrocities Rummy worked so hard to cover up.

Reliable Sources (second item) [WP]


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