January 6 Rioter Explains He's In Jail, So Exactly Like MLK
Left: National Archives photo. Right: Photo by Tyler Merbler, Creative Commons license 2.0

January 6 rioter Brandon Fellows is in the Washington DC jail awaiting trial on charges of obstructing official proceedings of Congress among other things (he toked up on the marijuana in Sen. Jeff Merkley's office, and worse, didn't pass to the left). He's had several cool adventures while representing himself — against the advice of his former attorney and the judge. At one hearing, he inadvertently admitted to several new felonies. In handwritten filings to the judge, he compared himself to Jesus and admitted he might have "technically committed perjury or obstruction."

Honestly, it's a wonder he was ever caught, given his clever disguise at the Capitol

Left: FBI Photo Right: Driver's license pic, surprisingly not a mugshot.

Now Fellows is back with a brand-new motion to the judge in which he explains that he is a whole lot like Martin Luther King, Jr, in that he is in jail, and, like King, has written a letter, and also did you know that both Birmingham in 1963 and Washington DC in 2022 were/are run by racist Democrats?

Clearly, this document calls for examination by a Doktor of Rhetoric. Mr. Fellows may lack the national platform, reputation, rhetorical skills, education, gravitas, and basic morality of Dr. King, but he put words on paper, so in that, they are truly equal.

The thing that really stands out about Fellows's letter is that he is just immensely proud of himself for noticing exactly how similar his plight is to King's — in that he is in jail, unhappy with his condition, in a Democrat-run city that despises him. Fellows mentions that he had previously made the comparison in an in-person hearing, reminding the judge, "You smiled when I mentioned this and though I don't know why, perhaps it's because [...] you don't see it as similar or correlated."

But it really is a good comparison, Fellows insists, because he's actually changed the minds of folks he's talked to in the jail about it, although his brilliant analogy doesn't always find a receptive audience, and also he is very brave!

I will share that some people remarked that they were going to stab me for suggesting these had similarities, but despite their threats and the potential for injury, I took no fear in expressing the truth. Many in those pods minds were changed. I understand by sending you this I potentially will suffer either openly or in unknown ways (probably from the propaganda journalists), but again I'm not afraid of sharing the truth

Oh dear, he probably means propaganda journalists who'll point out the comparison is superficial and ludicrous. We're willing to risk Mr. Fellows's scorn.

Indeed, Fellows says, what better time to make such an argument, because it's February, or it was, at least:

I'd like to make this portion of my motion festive in light of black history month to show you how correlated our treatment really is, and of course concede on some clear differences. After all, not only does history tend to repeat itself, but few ever truely learn from it.

It's black history month, and there's a lot to learn from it. I find these deprivations, discriminations, and unequal treatments to have strong correlations to what my black brothers suffered under the racist Democrats after the abolition of slavery, thanks to Republican Abraham Lincoln up until the Brown V. Board of Education decision, which the Democrats also hated.

I do find our struggle in this Democratic-stronghold city similar to the black populations struggle in the 1950s Democrat-stronghold city of Montgomery, Alabama. Yes, the same city with Rosa Parks segregated bus incident, the city many referred to as the “Cradle of the Confederacy”, it even held the Confederate Headquarters early on in the Civil War.

You know what? We bet someone pointed out to Mr. Fellows that Southern segregationists were Democrats! No one appears to have mentioned to him that Northern liberals were also largely Democrats, plus some liberal Republicans, back before they went extinct.

We kept waiting for Fellows to explain how his cry for justice is exactly like King's famous letter, in which the civil rights leader discussed why the fight for equality couldn't wait any longer, excoriated white moderates who kept calling for patience, and justified the Southern Christian Leadership Conference's direct actions, through sit-ins and marches.

But unfortunately, Fellows never quite gets past the point about Democrats R Bad N Racist. To be fair, I bet those monsters in the DC Jail won't let him have a copy of King's letter, because they can't handle the truth.

Along the way, he accuses Joe Biden of being an unreconstructed segregationist, Kamala Harris of not really being Black (and of being a cop), and of course gripes that Black Americans have mostly been fooled into remaining on the Democrat Plantation. But now the real victims of racism are January 6 rioters, which he is one of!

Now the Democrats, this city, and the jail target white people, Republicans (bonus points if Trump supporters), and especially January 6th defendants. They call Trump supporters “deplorables” just like they did to the black population in Montgomery. They call white people evil through the schools Critical Race Theory and over the media; both avenues of attack used in Montgomery in the past. [...]

Montgomery was one of the harshest cities for the black population in the 1950s. Similarly, this city (especially this jail), is one the harshest for a white, male, Trump supporter, or a partaker in the welcomed museum tour/ Insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th 2021. God help you if you are all 3 in the jail.

Along the way, Fellows notes that King and his associates were falsely accused — just like the nice people trying to undo the 2020 election! — of being a "threat to democracy,” which he notes is a false claim anyway because "it's supposed to be a Constitutional Republic."

There's a lot more about weighty issues of racial oppression against white people everywhere, like in South Africa, and also critical race theory, Black-hating segregationist Joe Biden's discrimination against white people in his Supreme Court appointment, and also the frightful inherent criminality of Black people in DC while white patriots like Fellows are languishing in jail just for "walking into the capitol with permission from Capitol Police, taking some rad selfies, and leaving on my own without even being told to leave."

So you can see exactly how Fellows is just like King: a man in jail in a city run by Democrats. This point is very important, we hope he made it clearly, the end.

[Memorandum in US v. Brandon Fellows / Letter from Birmingham Jail / Photos: National Archives, Tyler Merbler; Creative Commons License 2.0]

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