Jared Kushner Is Going To Hell

On Wednesday, we learned that Kanye West — a totally real independent presidential candidate who just happens to be entirely propped up by Trump-loving Republican operatives trying to ratfuck the election, because they think that Black people are incredibly stupid — met with Jared Kushner last week in Telluride, Colorado. As we have noted, and will continue to note, Kanye West appears to be suffering a MAGNITUDINOUS mental breakdown at the moment, which is too a word, shut up.

So, on top of how Trump supporters are vile disgusting deplorables who think Black people are so GARGANTUONOMOUSLY dumb that they will vote for Kanye instead of Joe Biden because of how he is a fancy rapping man, they are vile disgusting deplorables more than willing to do that by psychologically abusing a person who seems to be suffering a breakdown.

They're just plain garbage.

Not long after Wonkette's piece on that went to print (not actual print), Forbes came out with a report on Kanye's relationship with Jared — WHO BASICALLY RUNS THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN — and oh my God, it is so much worse and grosser than we knew. They didn't just meet in Telluride last week. They talk every day, apparently. Or at least "almost daily," as Kanye has been telling his friends. You know, just Kanye and Jared, two old friends talking about all the things old friends who are definitely real friends talk about.

Forbes reports that Kanye's friends who care about him and care that he is clearly experiencing a BIGGIEMCLARGEHUGE mental breakdown are particularly disgusted that the sniveling princeling who shares a bed with the authoritarian president's daughter is so obviously using Kanye, catering to Kanye's delusions of grandeur much like he probably caters to his father-in-law's delusions of grandeur.

In other words, Jared is telling Kanye that Kanye can win, and Kanye, who for years has exhibited some of the same apparent brain-worms about his own greatness that Donald Trump exhibits, believes him. Because of how he is not well.

One thing that particularly upsets those close to the Yeezy sneaker mogul, who is openly bipolar, is his apparent delusion about his chances of winning: When I pointed out to West last week during an interview that he won't be on enough ballots to win, and thus seemed intent on running a spoiler campaign designed to hurt presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, he responded, "I'm not going to argue with you." But a few hours after the story appeared, West responded with a change of heart: "THE GOAL IS TO WIN," he blared in a tweet that was liked more than 260,000 times.

And that seems to be the message that Kushner has been feeding him: "Jared's scared and doesn't want me to run because he knows that I can win," West has told numerous associates after his conversations with the president's son-in-law, who also serves as de facto chief of Trump's reelection campaign. That message, the sources close to West acknowledge, is the exact one that will embolden West to stay in the race. "If you know him for more than 20 minutes, you know that will work," says one West confidant. Adds another: "He's just like a kid. The more you tell him he can't do a thing, the more he'll do it. . . . he has a tremendous drive to prove people wrong."

Oh my God. Jared knows exactly what he's doing, and exactly what kind of foolish personality he's gratuitously manipulating. Jared, who runs the Trump campaign, is talking to Kanye almost every day and telling him he's scared of Kanye running.

Again, though, we feel like he's honed his skills on this with his father-in-law.

Kanye says of Jared, "that's my boy," because maybe he has no idea he's being used, and because his personality is so Trumpy, we highly doubt he'll listen to anybody around him telling him otherwise.

Forbes reports that a friend of Kanye's says what Jared is doing is just making Kanye's mental illness worse:

"He's mentally ill," says a West friend. "When you have people around him who have the best intentions and don't need anything from him, you can steer him when he's in that space into a positive place. When you have people around him who see him as an opportunity, they create a very, very bad scenario."

We don't even believe in hell, but if there's a God, she might create it just for Jared.


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