Javanka Raked In Over $36 Million While Governmenting Last Year

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According to their financial disclosures for this year, haunted dolls Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump collectively earned somewhere in between $36.2 million to $157 million from their respective investments, which is a whole lot of money. Reportedly, the Office of Government Ethics will be reviewing these disclosures for possible ethics violations, which they should have plenty of time to do given that they clearly haven't been too busy otherwise.

Via Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW):

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump reported between $36,151,214 – $157,020,085 in income on their personal financial disclosures for 2019. As a part of that, Ivanka Trump reported almost $4 million in hotel-related revenue from the Trump Hotel in DC in 2019, which is slightly less than in her disclosure from last year. This appears to contradict Eric Trump's claim that 2019 was one of the Trump Organization's most profitable years.

Ivanka Trump also reported that she received $100,001 – $1,000,000 in rent or royalties from the trust holding her fashion brand businesses. This is significantly lower than what she reported in her disclosure covering 2018, but she reported that her businesses ceased operations in July 2018, so it is not clear why she received income from the trust in 2019.

I actually might know this! They were definitely still selling some of her shit at Marshall's and TJ Maxx in 2019. I know, because I spend a stupid amount of time at both of those stores, staring at candles and what have you, and I very much recall thinking "How do they still have this shit?" around Christmas last year, while looking at a tacky pair of rhinestone heels that did not deserve to be on the same shelf as quality Jessica Simpson footwear (not even a joke, her shoes are super cute).

I think they just had so much of it that they continued selling it until they ran out, and it took them a long while to do that, because of how no one wanted it. Maybe she got money from that? Though again, I am not an expert in how these things work, I am but a mere Maxxinista making observations.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump also reported a new liability incurred in 2019 worth between $5 and $25 million. The note payable is held jointly with members of a commercial real estate company that Jared and Ivanka are invested in called Times Square Associates, LLC. They reported income from the LLC totaling $2,000,002 – $10,000,000 in 2019.

Finally, Jared Kushner's interest in Cadre held steady at $25 – $50 million. Despite his plans to divest from the company, Kushner reportedly maintains an interest in the company and CREW discovered that, at his request, the Office of Government Ethics withdrew the certificate of divestiture related to the company.

Conveniently, this was announced just a few weeks ago. Prior to that, it was actually announced in February that he had divested from the company and sold his stake in it back to the company for $50 million.

Via Bloomberg:

Abbe Lowell, a lawyer for Kushner, said he has complied with all ethics rules, including "divesting assets when appropriate." He confirmed the divestiture from Cadre.

"When Cadre, with which Mr. Kushner has not been involved for over three years, decided to pursue opportunities that could unknowingly to Mr. Kushner become future conflicts, he took the guidance of White House counsel and the Office of Government Ethics and put in place a blind divestment process," Lowell said. "This is the latest example of how seriously he takes this responsibility."

Well that certainly does seem sketchy as hell!


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