JD Vance Real Sad That The ‘Scumbags’ Don’t Want To Rent Out Event Space To Him

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JD Vance Real Sad That The ‘Scumbags’ Don’t Want To Rent Out Event Space To Him

Hillbilly Elegy author and failed insult comic JD Vance was all set to have a big campaign rally at the Landing Event Center in Loveland, Ohio, when management learned that Vance’s special guest villain at the event was his new BFF, Marjorie Taylor Greene, an ignorant bigot who’s inexplicably a member of Congress.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports:

Then on Thursday, General Manager Jodi Taylor logged on to her computer. A flood of messages on social media and emails greeted her from people angry about the event. And calls started coming in.

The event was a "meet-and-greet" with J.D. Vance and controversial Georgia Republican U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who just endorsed Vance.

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This is how America works with its free market economy. The Landing Event Center didn’t care for Vance’s opening act, so Greene will have to bite the heads off snakes somewhere else. Sunday’s scheduled rally was moved to the Marriott Cincinnati Northeast in Mason. Everyone’s happy, except for Vance, who whined on Twitter:

This is how it works.

Activist groups (many funded by Soros) organize harassment campaign. Big Tech greases the wheels: bad reviews on Google or Facebook can ruin a small business.

Doesn't matter--come hell or high water, we're having a rally tomorrow.

I've joked about receiving my "George Soros activist checks," because the concept is so absurd. However, I can no longer in good conscience find humor in the repeated expression of gross anti-semitic tropes. Vance is a GOP Senate candidate, and he’s not the only one who — without evidence — scapegoats and demonizes Soros, a 91-year-old Holocaust survivor and philanthropist. Most Soros bashers consider Donald Trump their personal hero, so their worldview is fundamentally skewed.

Vance claims “Big Tech greases the wheels,” as if the Google and Facebook set out to ruin his hate rally when in reality people just used their platforms. (Just as his campaign likely used Google and Facebook to promote his rally.) He’s railed against “Big Tech” censorship and argues that any fool should have the right to say whatever they want, regardless of the content, on social media. Now he suddenly finds freedom of speech oppressive.

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A business might not want to associate with Vance, not because of Big Tech or the woke mob, but because Vance has eagerly embraced Greene’s hateful rhetoric, which tacitly and often tactlessly promotes violence. When accepting Greene’s endorsement, Vance boasted:

Honored to have Marjorie’s endorsement. We’re going to win this thing and take the country back from the scumbags.

Forty-five percent of Ohioans voted for President Joe Biden. They might not appreciate Vance calling them "scumbags.” Vance might only care about winning the support of Trump supporters, but the Landing Event Center might want to appeal to a broader audience. Loveland is also in suburban Cincinnati, where Biden thumped Trump. (Mason is a more Trump-friendly location.)

Vance would probably claim that “take the country back from the scumbags” is just hyperbole, but you can’t so easily add “with votes” to the end of that fortune cookie. There was a violent insurrection a year ago. Vance is an opportunist who’ll say anything to get elected but Greene isn’t faking. Every layer beneath that onion is rotten.

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