Jean Schmidt Disappoints Us, Nation

schmidtcolumn.jpgRepresentative Jean Schmidt's previous public meltdowns have been so comical that it saddens us to see her reduced to mere plagiarism, the hallmark of boring, unimportant people like bloggers, academics, and music writers. Who can forget...

  • ...when we learned about her evil twin?

  • ...when she freaked out over someone slicing into a cake with her face on it?

  • ...when she called Representative Jack Murtha a coward on the House floor?

  • ...when she inexplicably claimed to have two college degrees on her website, despite having only one?

But now, well, she's been caught in a decidedly un-shocking copy/paste scandal: A Schmidt op-ed reads exactly the same as one mailed out by Representative Deborah Pryce. And really, the only thing Schmidt did wrong here is to take a little bit longer sending out the pre-written GOP sample editorial to the papers, as that's what both columns are based on.

There is still time to blame this on the evil twin, of course. Or some chickenshit marine.

OH-02: Plagiarismo [The Stakeholder]


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