Jeb! Bush So Proud He Quietly Hid Confederate Flag, Stuck It To PC Police

On a scale of one to potato, exactly how stupid is Jeb Bush? All, yes, eleven, and yams. After ever so timidly suggesting South Carolina might perhaps consider removing the Confederate flag from its state capitol grounds, the way Bush did when he was governor of Florida -- quietly removing it over the weekend while no one was looking -- Bush is now very proud, and would like ALL THE COOKIES, for standing up to the PC police:

Bush, a former two-term Florida governor, explained that in 2001, "I decided to do something politically incorrect" and ordered the removal of a flag that included the Confederate symbol from the Florida State Capitol grounds.

"The symbols were racist," he told workers at a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant here. "If you're trying to lean forward rather than live in the past, you want to eliminate the barriers that create disagreements."

Once more, we are struck with awe and disbelief at brave brave Sir Jeb's bravery. It took an excruciating amount of coaxing from the media for him to acknowledge that the racially motivated shooting in a Charleston church was, in fact, racially motivated.

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Then he needed the say-so of South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley before he could bring himself to call for the flag's removal because god forbid he show the same moral courage as Mitt effing ROMNEY. But hey, he's caught up, more or less. And now, nearly two weeks after the country started its latest debate over the impropriety of flying the racist symbol that is the Confederate flag and such liberal lefty politically correct retailers as WALMART have decided to stop selling that racist garbage because it is racist garbage, he's ready to courageously declare the flag a racist symbol. What a guy. What a leader. What a ... Jeb.

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Also, being Jeb and a Bush, he gets his crowing wrong, too goddamned dumb to even know what the "politically incorrect" position on the flag is. Hint: Those toothless yokels listening to Rush Limbaugh and agreeing that removing the flag is political correctness run amok, and also too un-American? They are not the politically correct ones. Another pro tip for Jeb: If you're going to dredge up tired phrases from the '90s, you dumb dick, you might as well be correct about what they mean. Or not. Whatever. You're Jeb! Bush, damnit. Just because you're wrong now doesn't mean you can't completely reverse course to be right ... eventually.



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