Jeb Wants A Bush On His Ticket

Gross, dude

Oh Jeb, how have you got yourself caught in your own zipper this time? The usual: by saying words out loud.

“Should I be elected president, I would have my vice president — I think she will be a great partner,” the Republican White House hopeful said in Waterloo, Iowa. [...]

“I mean, did I say that out loud?” Bush asked.

Yes, you dumb a-hole, you did say that out loud, and you recited your definitely not at all rehearsed line real good. Clap clap, cookie for Jeb! Try not to choke on it. Now drive it on home, with the womens, in case their dumbstupid ladybrains can't add one and one and get Jeb:

We always talk about this with one gender in mind. I think we’ve reached the point in our country where maybe we should be a little less gender-specific about this.

Oh, have "we," ya think, Jebbers, huh, do you now? Is that the same "we" who don't "need a half a billion dollars for women’s health issues" or a fresh new "we," maybe a "we" who might like to see a female lady-shaped woman-American in or adjacent to the White House, and hoo girl, wouldn't it be nice if "we" voted for Jeb because he will give us a lady, any lady, whoever is handy, on his (LOL still not gonna happen) presidential ticket?

“Frankly, the one important element of selecting a vice presidential candidate is whether he or she is qualified to be president. Everything else is secondary," he added.

Aw nuts. Now you gotta be qualified and everything? [Googles Republican vice presidential candidates. Finds Sarah Palin. Dies laughing. Comes back from the dead to wave at Jeb's daddy. Spots Jeb's daddy's veep Danny Boy Quayle, dies again.]

Never mind, scientific intertube survey says Republicans don't give half a fuck about that. Maybe this is just the panderific gimmick Jeb needs to claw his way back into still-losing-to-Donald-Trump place again. You go, gurl.

[The Hill]


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