Jedi Activists Fight Street Mind-Tricks With Inspiring Video

Oh, sure, it's been a little while since the "10 Hours of a Woman Walking in NYC" video was Quite The Big Deal, but it's never too late for a really good parody. And here is an admirable one: "10 Hours of Princess Leia Walking in NYC," featuring characters from the popular Star Trek television series, which we understand was about a plucky fellowship of elves trying to return a magic ring to its rightful owner in a Ford Galaxie far, far away (We wouldn't know, since we've never even read the children's book, The Doctor Hears a Who).

It is perfection itself, from the opening lens-wipe, which includes an over-the-shoulder glance that is pure Carrie Fischer, to all the dopey little details calculated to be clickbait for a bunch of cosplaying nerds. The only possible cavil: unlike Carrie Fischer in 1977, this Leia is wearing a bra, and is almost certainly not coked to the gills. You really need to see this thing -- after all, many Bothans died to get these images.

Doktor Zoom

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