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Josh Marshall on the Virginia election (to be expected, though it's demoralizing) and Joe Biden's current unpopularity (Sinema and Manchin, YOU DICKS). I'd say I agree! (Talking Points Memo) Max Boot (Max Boot!) Max Burns actually, my bad, definitely not as surprising but still very good post, says if Democrats want to win, do the progressive agenda that literally the entire country wants, YOU DICKS. Ayup! (Daily Beast members only ARGH I AM SORRY)

Half a dozen Republicans who attended the January 6 rally (not all went in and actually insurrected) elected to office Tuesday oh ho ho what interesting times. — HuffPost

Senate Republicans blocked the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, duh, obvs. — CNN

Ohio voters passed an amendment mandating district maps that reflect actual party preference in the state. You won't believe what maps Ohio Republicans came up with next! (Dispatch)

"Mixed results" in Idaho school board races mostly bad, but at least not that one Nazi. (Idaho Education News)

Oh hey, here's a stupid lunatic piece of shit. Pretty surprised she's not on a school board already, to be honest.

Montana is not and will not promote the vaccine for kids or teens, LOLOLOL, because "telling parents they can vax their kids undermines parental consent" LOLOLOL. (Missoula Current) Montana schools superintendent Elsie Arntzen (plllleeeeease google her so you can be shocked at her stupid face) went to a church panel and explained lots of good stuff, like why it is good for parents to threaten school boards and also "You will have the opportunity to champion your child and say, 'Don't have to wear a mask. Don't have to have that boy in that girls' locker room.'" Here is not a great write-up if you like pushback on statements — from the reporter, not from Arntzen — like "One man said he's never seen any facts that masks help protect children, that children don't get the disease and he feels gaslighted," but why would you want pushback on that? (KPAX)

Here comes the Kovid 'n' Kids vaccine disinformation! Get ready! They sure are! — The excellent Brandy Zadrozny at NBC News

The GOP is trying to loosen child labor laws oh ho ho! (Salon)

Supreme Court sure seems like it's going to strike down any state regulations of guns haha everything is terrific! (CNN)

Conservatives on the Supreme Court just stymied by that crafty Texas abortion ban! (TPM)

Questions Erin Gloria Ryan would like to ask politicians who are opposed to paid parental leave!

The Rust armorer's lawyers are suggesting someone set her up (they mean the camera crew who walked off the set). Can't set someone up who does their job and checks the guns before they're handed to the actors, LAWYERS. (Variety)

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