Jeff Gannon: Destroying the Non-Integrity of the Gaggle

We've been watching a non-story about Talon News White House reporter Jeff Gannon develop. (Like watching ugly paint dry!) Yesterday, Media Matters actually wrote to Dark Lord and WH Press Secretary Scott McClellan to ask that Gannon's press credentials be revoked. Because, you know, when people write things we don't like, we must ban them! Fuck, let's just crucify him!

Jeff Gannon, whose hideous website is apparently down but is still cached, is apparently some kind of right-wing threat: he uses White House press materials to write his coverage, coverage that literally dozens of people read! And Talon News may not have an actual physical office! It may in fact be some sort of scheme to make money on the web by not doing much of anything! Gee, we've never thought of that plan ourselves.

Of course, Jeff Gannon may not be his real name, either. Today new blog fishbowlDC, which is written by a former Deaniac (talk about mysterious organizations with murky agendas!), decides to take this non-story way, way too seriously and goes in for what they jokingly call "real reporting" (ha! Never heard that one before!) with an interview of the Gannonbot:

"Is journalism my background? Not particularly. But who's to determine who's qualified to be a journalist?" he asked. "I'm sitting here watching Ron Reagan on MSNBC and people are calling him a journalist."
Yeah, we liked it better when Ron, Jr. was just called "the fruity one" too.

GannonGate [FishbowlDC]

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