Jeff Gannon Found Lacking

You know he screwed more people than RoverAhh, Jeff Gannon. Despite being outed as a gay escort and a shlll who asked fake questions for the Adminstration, he still apparently has a career in something other than "fucking-for-money." He also has a blog. What Jeff Gannon lacks, however, is a sense of irony.

You'll recall that one of the folks at the Republican debate on Wednesday turned out to be working for Hillary's campaign, and thus was accused of planting a question. Jeff Gannon thinks that's totally shitty [please insert obligatory "Jeff Gannon thinks?" joke here as it's Friday and we're tired]. He thinks CNN President Jonathan Klein should initiate a full investigation and remove everyone involved in improperly vetting the multiple people with their fake questions.

Wait, how many people got fired for letting Jeff into the White House briefings and allowing him to ask fake questions of the actual President? None, right? Just checking.

CNN 'Debate-gate' Rages On [Jeff Gannon - A Voice of the New Media]


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