Jeffrey Rosen Quits The Internet

The Internet hashurt the important feelings of the important "Joe Lieberman Liberal" New Republic political pamphlet's important legal scholar Jeffrey Rosen, whose very important 1,000+ word front-page non-blog journalistically reported "The Case Against Sotomayor"-titlednews article -- which quotes various important anonymous ex-clerks calling Sotomayor dumb and mean and friendless and annoying -- has of course become the GOP's principal anti-Sotomayor talking points memo. This is not what he meant. Fuck the blogs!

Rosen has now declared that he will never "blog" again because he "wants to spend more time with the material before hitting 'send,'" and the medium of a Web log -- a format for publishing pieces of writing that appear on a website in reverse-chronological order -- only permits someone three seconds to write and post anything, of any merit, because by the fourth second a dung monster will be dispatched to one's house to roast and eat all immediate family members and generally make a mess of things.

Shorter version: WAH WAH WAH.

When federal appeals court Judge Sonia Sotomayor emerged as a leading candidate to be named to the U.S. Supreme Court this spring, one Web article above all drove debate about her merits.

The article was used to bash the judge's prospects even before her formal nomination. But its author, the noted legal writer Jeffrey Rosen, says he's been burned by the episode, too — enough that he's swearing off blogging for good.

"It was a short Web piece," Rosen says now, sounding a little shellshocked. "I basically thought of it as a blog entry."

Well we basically thought of it as, cue that up again, a "1,000+ word front-page non-blog journalistically reported 'The Case Against Sotomayor'-titled news article," which his magazine categorized as "the first in a series of reports by TNR legal affairs editor Jeffrey Rosen about the strengths and weaknesses of the leading candidates on Barack Obama's Supreme Court shortlist." Definitive! This is a tit-bit different than, say, making fun of a Gallup headline or calling Dick Cheney a homo, although Republicans are welcome to use either of those very important blog posts in their case against Sotomayor. (Page views!)

'Blog Entry' Sparks Furor Over Sotomayor [NPR via Glenn Greenwald]


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