Jen Psaki's Got Your 'Tone' Right Here, Buddy

Have you been watching your daily WonketteTV White House Press Briefings? We really think you should, and that's why we walk uphill both ways in the snow every single goddamned day to post them for you. (Seriously, we have to go find the YouTube, which is in the same place every day, and then we have to write a headline and put a picture in it and UGH it takes like four minutes. The things we do for you.)

We've been saying from the beginning that Press Secretary Jen Psaki is kind of badass at her job, and it's because of the extremely non-combative way she is just FINISHED WITH YOUR SHIT. It's just like ... some kind of assassin thing where some idiot asks her an idiot question and she handles it so quickly and quietly and effectively, the poor idiot's liver is bleeding out before they even feel a thing. (ALLEGORICALLY, of course! Jen Psaki does not do literal assassinations in the Brady briefing room!)

Here's one. Some idiot tried to read Psaki a bunch of bullshit talking points about how the new Georgia voter suppression law actually EXPANDS voting, and then proceeded to ask, since he had just PROVEN that it EXPANDS voting (it does not expand voting at all, overall), if the White House would be changing its TONE on the bill.

The White House's tone? Is the White House not being "civility" enough about this?

Psaki immediately started rebutting the idiot's claims, in the form of questions. She would list a thing, then say "Is that correct?" Of course she knows damn well she has it right. But she basically negated the idiot question, and that was when the idiot asked about the White House's TONE.

PSAKI: The tone for a bill that limits voting access and makes it more difficult for people to engage in voting in Georgia?

Oh no, sir, do you not like our TONE about Georgia Republicans creating a Jim Crow-like voter law to keep Black people from voting right after Black people voting handed them their asses in November and then again in January? Is that the TONE you are referencing?

The idiot tried to "correct" Psaki, retorting that DURRRRRR that's not what the governor of Georgia says. You know how Brian Kemp is, such a paragon of honesty who works so hard to expand voting rights COUGH STACEY ABRAMS 2018 GEORGIA GUBERNATORIAL RACE WHEN HE WAS THE SECRETARY OF STATE OVERSEEING HIS OWN ELECTION COUGH COUGH.

She replied:

PSAKI: I think that is not based in fact, what the governor of Georgia has said. So no, our tone is not changing.




The end.

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