Jenna Bush for Secretary of Education!Jenna Bush loves planning her wedding and walking around with feed sacks, but there's one thing she might not love so much: John McCain. In a shocking appearance with her mother on Larry King Live, she allowed as how she might not be voting for a Republican in the fall. Her incendiary remarks, after the jump!

KING: Do you have a favorite between the two, the two Democrats?

LAURA BUSH: My favorite is the Republican.

KING (pointing to Jenna): Yours too, I would imagine.

JENNA BUSH: I don't know.

KING: A-ha! Are you open to...

JENNA BUSH: Yeah, of course. I mean, who isn't open to learning about the candidates and I'm sure that everybody's like that.

What is this "being open to learning about things" stuff? Does that mean she's into anal?

Jenna Bush: I may not support McCain [Yeas & Nays]


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