Jenna Finds New Drinking Palace, In Baltimore!

Jenna Finds New Drinking Palace, In Baltimore!

Newlywed first daughter "Jenna Bush Hager" of course has been dragged to Baltimore to live with her elitist husband, Henry. What kind of fun does Baltimore offer for the upper crust of society? A bar, a bar, a bar, thank god,a bar: "South Baltimore newbie Jenna Bush seems to have settled on a watering hole she likes: Regi's American Bistro in Federal Hill. I hear she's been in several times, including Wednesday, when she was spotted with six girlfriends. All looked very 'Texas,' says my spy. 'Hair all polished up and little fancy outfits.' A guy who answered the phone at the pub confirmed that Dubya's daughter had been in before. Pressed for details, he would only say this much: 'She was there. I just saw her.'" The food looks really good at Jenna's bar! Too bad she'll never try any of it. [Baltimore Sun via Inside Charm City]


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