Jenna in Adams Morgan?

We'd like to welcome Americablog to the Jenna Bush beat. The more the merrier, as Jenna herself has been heard to say. The item reports on an alleged Jenna sighting at Zucchabar (meaningfully described in the WP as having "Cold War-era bomb shelter" decor), where she was "straddling and dry-humping her boyfriend (or acquaintance)" -- possibly this guy, possibly doing this. The First Best Friend with Benefits went on to defend his date's honor by rebuffing a would-be suitor with an unusually clever taunt: "Hey dude, are you trying to ask a Bush daughter to dance or something?!"

Some doubt remains as to whether this was actually Jenna -- she's ID'd by her necklace and "piglet eyes" -- and, to be honest, the "you asking a Bush daughter to dance" thing reminds us of the Republican National Convention party where a co-conspirator went around the room asking people "not to bother Wendy Bush, the Bush girls' cousin." Then again, the Bush family isn't exactly known for its subtlety.

Americablog sees this behavior as proof that Bush is Democrat. Isn't everyone a Democrat when they're drunk?

There's something about Jenna [Americablog]


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