Jenna's Book About Country Her Grandfather Destroyed

Hot shoe, burnin down the avenue. - WonketteThe NYT had some boring "trends" thing last weekend about Jenna Bush and the crazy new trend of having some ghostwritten crap book put out to rehabilitate a political person's image, and we obviously ignored it ... until the curious subject of "Jenna's book" began to resonate in the usual foul way:

Jenna Bush, one of the twins better-known for partying than publishing, will write Ana's Story: A Journey of Hope, a book that chronicles the real-life saga of a 17-year-old single mother with HIV in Panama.
Bush, Panama, Horror, Bush, Panama, Horror ... why did this sound so familiar?

Oh, right, because her grandpa bombed the living shit out of Panama and killed thousands of innocent people to rehabilitate his image. Remember that whole "wimp factor" nonsense? GHWB sure took care of that! It would also be kind of funny if the Ana of Ana's Story was one of the thousands of babies left orphaned and homeless by the U.S. invasion, which happened 17 years ago.

Bush daughter polishing image in modern way [NYT]

The Panama Deception {Empowerment Project]


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