Jenna's New Friend

OK, so Bush was bored at the Monterrey summit. jenna getting jiggy?The Post reports he was "glowering into space as other heads of state talked." Who wouldn't be -- did you hear what they talked about? "Democratic governance." Yawn. "Economic growth with equity to reduce poverty." Whatevs. Infinitely more interesting (to Bush as well, we assume): What was Jenna (looking quite slim and stylish) up to with Mexico's First Step-son, Fernando Bribiesca? Maybe nothing. A spokesman said Fernando (described in press reports as a "hottie") was "just acting as an escort" to Jenna. That's Spanish for "keeping her from getting shit-faced in public."

We'll see what the escorting leads to when the Foxes visit Crawford in March.

For Many It's a Summit, For Bush It's a Pique [WashPost]

Fox Accepts Invitation to Bush Ranch [AP/Yahoo]


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