Jerk Lady Guilty Of Trying To Make Somali Woman Speak English By Hitting Her In Face With Beer Mug

Doing much better now

Here's your America Kinda Sucks But Kinda Not Entirely story for the day: An awful bigot in Minnesota has pleaded guilty to attacking a Somali woman with a beer mug last year, severely cutting her face, because the Somali woman had committed the unpardonable offense of speaking Swahili in the US Patriot lady's presence. That's the America Sucks Sometimes part. The Not Entirely part is that people who were as horrified as you and we are by the attack contributed over $10,000 to help the victim, Asma Mohamed Jama, and even the assailant's own sister is disgusted by the crime: she came to court to support not her sister, but Ms. Jama. The whole sordid pile of awfulness is summed up by CNN:

Jodie Marie Burchard-Risch was accused of attacking Asma Jama, a Somali immigrant, at the Coon Rapids Applebee's in October 2015.

Asma Jama said as her family was seated at the restaurant, the adults were speaking in Swahili, a language the adults often use when children are around so the kids do not know what the adults are saying. As the group walked past Burchard-Risch's table, she said, "In America, we speak English."

Jama tried to ignore Burchard-Risch, but the woman became more agitated, screaming at her to go back to where she came from, and Jama stood up to try to talk to her and calm her down. That didn't work so well:

"She was yelling at me in my face, and I will admit I stood toe to toe with her. I wasn't screaming, I was talking to her calmly," Jama told CNN, recounting the incident.

That is when Burchard-Risch took a beer mug and threw it at Jama's face and then fled the restaurant, according to authorities.

In Minneapolis CBS affiliate WCCO's video on the story, Jama says she has recovered physically from the wounds, which required 17 stitches, but is now more fearful of being out in public:

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