Jerk Landlady Refused To Rent To Muslim Tenants, Now Owes Them $675K

Jerk Landlady Refused To Rent To Muslim Tenants, Now Owes Them $675K

In 2017, Craig Caldwell of Denver, Colorado decided that it was time to close his fried chicken restaurant. Alas, he still had five more years on his lease, so he looked around for someone to sublet. His search led him to Rashad and Zuned Khan, who owned a successful Indian restaurant in Boulder and were looking to branch out.

Alas, Katina Gatchis, Caldwell's landlady, refused to allow him to sublet to the Khans, insisting he instead find "American person ... good like you and me," and then followed that up with "These kind, type, they are very dangerous, extremely dangerous," and "They bring all the Muslims from the Middle East, and then I have a problem around here, bam boom, bam boom."

And now, bam boom, bam boom, Katina Gatchis has to pay them $675,000 because they sued her ass for discrimination and won. Because here in the very America Ms. Gatchis is clearly so fond of, it is illegal to refuse to rent to someone because you do not like their race or religion.

When Gatchis initially told Caldwell that he could not sublet to Muslims, he was rightfully horrified and decided to call her up and get it on tape. Colorado is a one-party consent state when it comes to recordings, so it was legal for him to do so. Gatchis ended up saying a variety of horrible things on the recording, and didn't even bother to try denying it in court.

She's a real peach.

Now, maybe this is beside the point, but it feels a tad necessary to point out that Miss "I only want to rent to an American Person" is quite obviously an immigrant herself. I couldn't tell you where she's from, but it sure as shit ain't here. And out of these three entrepreneurial immigrants in Denver Colorado, Gatchis seems to be the only one who needs a refresher course on how things are done here.

Rashan Khan gets it:

"If it weren't for me being (in America), I wouldn't have the life I do," he said. "I wouldn't enjoy the freedoms I have, and I wouldn't have the justice system that allowed her to have the consequences for acting like she did."


It's nice to see someone get what's coming to them, isn't it? On both accounts.

Anyway, this is now your open thread, in which you can talk about this or the Kentucky Derby or whatever the hell else you want. Enjoy!


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