Jerry Brown Expert Ralph Nader Says Jerry Brown Totally Running For President Against Clinton (Again)


Never mind that he's six years older than Ronald Reagan was when he was sworn in; Jerry Brown has someenthusiastic support for a presidential run. And, in the language of political vagueness, he hasn't absolutely ruled out the possibility of running, although spokesman Jim Evans quoted a May answer that Brown gave to a similar question:

“time is kind of running out on that.”

“I guess I’ll just have to stay and do the work of being the governor, which I actually enjoy because I have some perspective that I didn’t used to have,” Brown said.

Well, that was definitely not an absolute denial, so it looks like he's running! Or like he's not refusing to run! Or like some people (Ralph Nader) really really really hate Hillary Clinton, and would like him to yell at her like he did her husband, Bob! And he did not say "no"! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to December 2013, just 35 months till the next presidential election.

Brown has been having fun doing the governor thing, since he is a Democrat and he got to raise taxes, which is every Democrat's favorite pastime. (Fun fact: the voters let him raise taxes. With votes!) And there is the age issue -- though he does do corgi-assisted exercise, so that's nice -- so we're still assuming that Brown is mostly just planning on getting reelected as governor and nothing more, but the LA Times sees whatchacall portents, maybe:

The famously Delphic governor often leaves people guessing about his motivation and intentions, which leaves plenty of leeway ahead of 2016. Absent a clear-cut statement of disinterest from Brown — who sought the White House in 1976, 1980 and 1992 — some see familiar signs of a presidential-candidate-in-waiting.

For instance, there's this one guy they talked to who says of Brown,

“Every move he’s making is the move of a presidential candidate ... It’s almost a blueprint.”

And that guy ought to know, because that guy is Ralph Nader, who wants Brown to run to prevent the "coronation" of Hillz as the Democratic candidate. We will let you guys discuss the implications of a perennial candidate speculating on what exactly are the signs that another person might be a candidate.

In any case, Brown's corgi, Sutter, has his own facespace page, and he is a Good Dog. Was somebody talking about politics? We just want to pat Sutter's wee foxy head now.

[LAT via Political Wire]

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