Jerry Falwell Jr. Lets It All Hang Out In Hilarious Counterclaim Against Liberty University

Jerry Falwell Jr. Lets It All Hang Out In Hilarious Counterclaim Against Liberty University

Jerry Falwell Jr. is back, baby, and he's ready to bare it all! No, no, just kidding, all the pictures of Jerry getting jiggy in this post are from 2020, when he was a much younger man. But he's definitely showing his saggy ass with his most recent legal gambit, so hide your women and children!

As reported by Virginia Business, Falwell recently filed a counterclaim in the $30 million breach of contract suit that Liberty University filed against him. The case history is gonzo, which is hardly surprising considering the parties.

In 2020, we wrote approximately one million posts about the president of Liberty University: Jerry and poolboy Giancarlo Granda; Jerry partying at the nightclub; Jerry posting pictures of his crotch on Instagram; Jerry doing pelvic thrusts into a barbell with two young women standing on it; Jerry passing around boudoir photos of his wife and blabbing about their sex life; Jerry's interesting financial arrangements, etc. And yet he remained head of the school founded by his father until August, when Granda went public with the story of their affair, handing over text and audio to Reuters reporter Aram Roston.

On August 24, Falwell resigned his position, but he didn't go quietly. Just weeks later, he filed a batshit defamation case against the school, alleging that Liberty officials had colluded with the Lincoln Project to defame him by making generalized references to sin and shame, such as in this speech by Liberty VP David Nasser on August 26:

We open the semester with a series of revelations about Jerry Falwell that can only be described as shameful. That's OK, by the way, to say it. It's OK to call sin, sin. Paul says in Ephesians: Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness but rather, expose them. It is shameful to even mention what a disobedient do in secret. But everything exposed by the light becomes visible.

In Jerry's telling, everyone knew what this statement referred to, and thus it is defamation most heinous: "Taken together, Liberty's statements repeat, as a statement of fact, Granda's lies that Mr. Falwell watched him have sex with his wife and participated in their affair." Which is ... a leap.

In this misbegotten lawsuit, Falwell made a number of representations about his relationship with Granda, including that he spent years fearing his wife's former lover would reveal the affair and ruin his life. And although he later nonsuited — which is Virginny lawstalk for "dropped the case" — he couldn't unsay all the stupid factual admissions he'd made in the complaint. This was unfortunate, since Liberty included all of it when they turned around and sued him in April 2021 for breach of contract, alleging that he'd renegotiated his employment agreement in bad faith, knowing that his personal life was going to implode, causing massive reputational harm to the university.

So now Falwell is resurrecting those defamation claims in a pared-down, slightly less frothy version of his original suit, this time styled as a counterclaim to Liberty's breach of contract action. He's still whining about being defamed by Saint Paul and insisting that Liberty affirmed "Granda's lies" by saying that Falwell "lack[ed] spiritual leadership." But he's axed the weird shit about Granda cahootsing with the Lincoln Project.

In its place Falwell has inserted various property claims alleging that the school retains items belonging to him, including:

  • a .38 revolver;
  • the website;
  • three horses provided to the equestrian center;
  • his old legal files from when he was in private practice;
  • personal items from his office;
  • precious heirlooms in possession of the Jerry Falwell Museum

Yes, Virginia, there is a trespass to chattels claim. Also detinue and conversion, because Ye Olde Timey torts are all the rage in Old Dominion.

Anyway, Jerry wants his gun back, and the infamous bottle of Campari his pappy shared with his meemaw in that famous outhouse. Allegedly!

Good luck with that, fella.

[Virginia Business / Liberty University v. Jerry Falwell, Jr., Counterclaim]

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