Comedian Jerry Falwell Jr. Now Supports 'Reparations' For Former Slave Donald Trump

Religious hack Jerry Falwell Jr. testified this weekend to the glories of President Pee Tape, and in the process he offended self-respecting black people every where.

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The stunning prose of Ta-Nehisi Coates wasn't enough. What finally convinced Falwell to hop on the reparations bandwagon is the mild inconvenience of a rich white guy who has gotten away with everything but murder (and his first term's not over yet). Doesn't Donald Trump himself owe Barack Obama two years of "presidential reparations" for promoting birtherism? Bill Clinton is also due a full four-years for the whole "Whitewater/Paula Jones/whatever they ended up impeaching him for" BS.

Yeah, Falwell probably thought he was being funny and unleashing his inner Mike Huckabee. But, you know, reparations is sort of a touchy subject for black folks. We realize America is never going to make good on centuries of slavery, segregation, redlining, and mass incarceration. Don't rub our noses in it. We're generally a little nervous when people even mention reparations. It's like asking gangsters to pay the check for their bar tabs. The fallout from pissing them off is probably not worth the money they owe you.

Trump not only retweeted Falwell's nonsense, he seemed to take it seriously. He whined that his political opponents have "stollen two years of my (our) presidency" that "we will never be able to get back." He says this in the same tweet where he (falsely) claims that he's had the most successful two years of any president in history. So, what's the problem? His ego makes it impossible for him to admit actual damages. Obama is the one whose final two years in office Republicans straight-up ignored. It's like he governed under Jim Crow laws.

Speaking of which, this weekend at a campaign rally in Columbia, South Carolina, Joe Biden warned that "Jim Crow is sneaking back." He was calling out voter suppression efforts targeted "mostly at people of color," so he had a point based in observable reality. However, conservative pundit Matt Lewis thought he went too far. We're never supposed to compare bad things white people have done in the past to bad things white people are doing right now. That'll apparently only cause white working-class voters to "tune out" Democrats and vote for Trump again.


Does Lewis not understand what Jim Crow laws actually were? One of the "legitimate problems" with Trump is that he's someone who'd have no problem with their return. It's not as if the political leaders supporting Jim Crow back in the day were all obvious mustache-twirling Snidely Whiplashes. Even some politicians you might leave alone in the same room as your family china were a-OK with second-class status for black people. The current president's an amoral racist. It's not "irresponsible" for us to worry about our continued civil rights.

North Carolina Republicans shamelessly tried to keep black people from voting as recently as 2013. Brian Kemp disenfranchised voters demographically predisposed to vote for his opponent Stacey Abrams. He stole an election in real time. Biden sounding an alarm about Jim Crow isn't "irresponsible hyperbole." As a woke Crocodile Dundee might say, this is "irresponsible hyperbole":


Lewis believes that all but three Senate Democrats are "OK with infanticide." Conservatives can basically call pro-choice Democrats child killers, but they'll bemoan the loss of civility when anyone dares suggest that their racism is racist. Soon they'll start demanding "reparations" for all their hurt feels.

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