Jesus, Chris, George & Marty

'How 50,000 Negroes found a new way to end racial discrimination' - WonketteHere is some fun MLK Jr. trivia the Main Stream Media won't tell you: Did you know Dr. King is one of only four humans honored with a U.S. holiday all to themselves?

Thomas Jefferson doesn't get one, and neither does Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, John Adams or Thomas Paine. Even presidents who were assassinated by Sinister Forces don't get federal holidays: Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley and John F. Kennedy have been utterly forgotten.

More facts and the greatest painting ever, after the jump.

Only Jesus H. Christ, sadistic idiot Cristobal Colón, George Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have their own federal holidays.

Oh, did you think Lincoln had a federal holiday? Well you are WRONG!

"Presidents Day" is not a federal holiday honoring Lincoln and Washington and whoever else; the U.S. law says the holiday is "Washington's Birthday." As usual, the Bush White House ignores the law of the land.

2007 Federal Holidays [U.S. Government]


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