Jesus Died For You, But He Totally Could Have Put You In A Headlock If He Hadn't


  • If the Phillies win the World Series, Charles Schumer will give Arlen Specter a cheesecake and Kristen Gillibrand. BUT, if the Phillies lose the World Series, Charles Schumer will give Arlen Specter Kristen Gillibrand. Quite the wager. [The Caucus]

  • Remember that part in the Bible -- Chapter 3? -- when Jesus decides to clothesline a downtrodden leper, who only wanted a glass of water and maybe a few soothing words to ease his suffering? That was really out of character, but a superb plot twist. [True/Slant: Harmon Leon]

  • Gorbachev talks about the Nobel Peace Prize, Barack Obama, and his upcoming solo album. [The Cable]

  • You have every right to be angry that Columbia students made a very offensive rap about FOX news, but at least be happy that you are not flushing $80,000 down the toilet in J-school. [Gatway Pundit]

  • Hezbollah cooked up a two-ton bowl of hummus and then invited the entire Middle East to the grandest hummus party in recorded history, while Israel -- who for obvious reasons was not invited -- sat at home and sulked. [Matt Yglesias]


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