Jesus Died For Your Lamb-Eating Pleasure


Just because you praised Jesus and found some eggs it doesn’t mean that this year's Easter celebration of fertility and ancient pagan sex rituals is over -- there’s much too much lamb to be eaten. Lamb brains, lamb neck, lamb bellies ... and you can eat all this and more at Zaytinya, where Easter lasts for 14 days because they celebrate Greek Easter and Greece really needs the money right now.

And, for all our Jews out there who spent the week feasting on Matzah and want nothing more than to eat BREAD and have a normal poop cycle, it doesn’t get better than Zaytinya’s flatbread pides. Easter dinner at Zaytinya includes this white bean dish. The bigger the white bean, the better your entire meal will be. This is fact.

The asparagus is smoked so it tastes like bacon. All vegetables should taste like bacon.

These artichokes aren't smoked, but they are crispy, which is okay by us. But beware, they keep selling out.

Here she is, the pride and joy of Easter, the LAMB. The lamb dishes include the squash blossom, which is made with lamb brains, kale with lamb cracklings, lamb neck ravioli (which we HIGHLY recommend), and the yogurt braised lamb shank. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Or if prefer your lamb to-go, don't worry, they have Lambmobile. That is, they have a cart from which they serve lambwhiches -- lamb in a fresh pita with tzatziki and pickled onions -- for $7. The cart will be in front of the restaurant all this week from noon-2:30PM for your lamb eating pleasure.

Photos by Pablo De Loy.

Zaytinya, 701 9th St NW, Washington DC 20001, (202) 638-0800.

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