Is 'Saying Their Name' Some Sort Of Witchy Voodoo Hoodoo? Wingnut Says Yes!

Is 'Saying Their Name' Some Sort Of Witchy Voodoo Hoodoo? Wingnut Says Yes!
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One of the things that has truly been most perplexing over the past few years, to me at least, has been people on the Right getting super worked up over people on the Left supposedly being "mean" to them. Oh how they've wailed about being called Nazis, how they've cried over how unfair it is that we think they're bad people for simply having a difference of opinion. Like "purple is the best color" or "trans people shouldn't be allowed to go to the bathroom in public" or "I like pudding" or "poor people don't deserve health care" or "all of these opinions should be equally reflective of my personal character." They've lamented that they can't share their sexist or racist opinions on social media without being called a sexist or a racist. They're deeply offended by people being offended when they say offensive things.

I've never been quite able to determine whether they're so stupid that they don't realize they're insulting people and that the modern day Right has been built, pretty much exclusively, on insulting people in various ways and that people are simply reacting to those insults, or if they just think we're so stupid that we don't realize they are insulting us. I'm inclined to go with the latter, because really, for many years many Democrats did go along and pretend there was some kind of difference between Rush Limbaugh and your regular, everyday conservative who listens to Rush Limbaugh religiously and agrees with him on everything but might be pleasant to them at the neighborhood barbecue.

Meet Dr. Michael Brown, who simply cannot believe the reaction people had to a claim he made on pastor/politician Rob McCoy's internet TV show after it was reported on by Right Wing Watch. After all, all he said was that Black Lives Matter activists were doing Jezebel witchcrafts by saying the names of unarmed Black people killed by police officers. Who could possibly object to that?

Via Right Wing Watch:

McCoy and Brown discussed a range of issues, from End Times theology to the church's role in the political arena. Brown portrayed himself as a supporter of civil rights while criticizing the BLM movement for being founded by "radical feminists." He said that when BLM movement leaders speak aloud the names of people killed by police violence, they are "calling on spirits of the dead."

"When you say the name, you're also calling on the person to come forth, for those spirits to come forth and empower the movement," Brown said. "So, it's basically witchcraft."

He went on to claim:

And you think this whole thing is very Jezebelic in that regard, in terms of joining together radical feminism, attack on gender, attack on family structure, emasculating men, and then you bring in the appeal to the spirits of the dead. So, I have been warning people for months: Separate from the movement. It is anarchist. It is anti-Christ. Show your solidarity with Black friends in different ways. Where you see injustice, confront it, but separate from the movement.

Brown reiterated this claim in an op-ed published today on Charisma News, titled "Confronting the 'Witchcraft' of BLM Leaders Stirred Up Some Demonic Responses."

For several weeks now, we have been warning about the Jezebelic spirit behind the Black Lives Matter movement. Last week, we posted a video and an article documenting how Black Lives Matter leaders were literally calling on spirits of the dead (hat tip to Abe Hamilton at AFA), asking these spirits to rise up and empower Black Lives Matter's actions. Talk about the kingdom of darkness!

This past Sunday night, I joined California pastor Rob McCoy to talk about a range of issues leading up to the elections, including the true nature of the Black Lives Matter movement. This caught the attention of Right Wing Watch (RWW), a radical left-wing organization, which posted a full report on its homepage with a link on its Facebook page.

No comments are allowed on the group's homepage, but the comments on the Facebook page were quite revealing.

Yes. He's upset about Facebook comments. He can hardly believe that people reacted to him claiming that Black Lives Matter activists were doing some kind of evil witchcraft by mocking him.

Oh, the humanity of it all.

—When you make a racist lose his mind like this ;... you know Black Lives Matter supporters are doing it right!
—"Great Caesar's Ghost" he IS insane!
—So, fighting for equality is satanic now? If that's the case then I'm a Satanist.
—These morons should have to work real jobs, not just make up hateful [expletive] to sell to lunatics.
—Another [expletive] nut case. Where do they come from?
—Have you ever noticed that it's the most evil-minded bigots and cranks who call other people anti-Christ and witches? This guy's a total nut job.

This led Brown to the conclusion that everyone noting that his claim was a tad bizarre was in favor of "calling on the spirits of the dead" and that they were mad at him for "exposing the practice."

So, calling on the spirits of the dead is perfectly sane and rational. Exposing the practice is insane and irrational. All clear!

You know, I don't know any of those people (that I am aware of) but I feel I can be relatively sure that none of them think that Black Lives Matter activists are out here doing seances, or that Brown was "exposing" anything other than the fact that he is a raging asshole.

What is revealing here is the complete support for Black Lives Matter leaders who call on spirits of the dead. That I dare brand this as "witchcraft"—by which I meant invoking demonic forces for empowerment—was the great sin in their eyes.

Yes. It was. Making up weird shit about other people is a crappy thing to do. There's nothing wrong with people practicing witchcraft, of course, but it's clear that Michael Brown is not talking about actual witches or pagans doing witchy stuff, he's talking about some imaginary evangelical version of "witchcraft" that no one on earth actually practices. Also, Christians regularly call on the spirits of the dead for stuff. Jesus? Dead. St. Anthony? Also dead. Gotta feel bad for him though. Guy spends his life as a saint, probably never gets laid, figures out how to talk to fish or whatever, and does he get to relax in his afterlife? No, he does not. He's gotta spend eternity going around finding your aunt's car keys. That just doesn't seem fair. But I digress.

It's not hard. You say something malicious and untrue about someone else, you are the asshole. People make fun of you because the malicious and untrue thing you said was also hilariously stupid, you are still the asshole. If you don't want to be the asshole, don't strike first. Maybe that's not in the Bible, but it does seem fairly obvious.

What else is obvious? It's your open thread.

[Charisma News]

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