Jewish Gangsters, And Of Course, More Photographs Of Obama

Jewish Gangsters, And Of Course, More Photographs Of Obama
  • "Real Machers: Portraits of American Jewish Gangsters," an exhibit of pen-and-ink drawings by graphic artist Pat Hamou, is opening tomorrow at the Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery. Hamou's portraits of the "machers" (Yiddish for "big shot") are hardly threatening in their fedoras and bow ties, but you can guarantee, as Hamou does, that they have "bigger matzoh balls than most." Feb. 18-May 17. [DCJCC]

  • Artist Dave Montgomery uses computer programs to alter his photographs into a completely new medium (something he calls "digital composition"), making no effort to mask his manipulations. The results are sort of cheesy, but interesting -- there are giant marbles in a park, bikers on a roof, a table made of a giant flower. At the Orchard Gallery of Art until March 5. [Orchard Gallery]
  • Touchstone Gallery is displaying 60 pieces of artwork from 60 local artists in "Double Vision II." It's called "Double Vision" for a reason -- 30 member artists get to bring a new artist friend on board, pumping fresh blood into the DC art community. [Touchstone]
  • Bigger isn't necessarily better at Irvine Contemporary's exhibit, "Aspect: Ratio 2," a study on small-scale art of different mediums. "Aspect" includes toy sculptures of sweets, Japanese figurines and of course, photographs of Obama (how did he manage to weasel his way into this exhibit?). [Irvine]

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