Jews for Jesus

* Thanks for ruining Christmas again, Uncle Scrooge. [Wizbang Politics]

* Huck's not really down with this whole "global warming" thing. Isn't this something that business can handle by self-regulating? [Think Progress]

* Huck also doesn't really seem to be, like, a lying, war-obsessed ideologue, so naturally he's freaking certain people out. [IMAO]

* God shall deliver us from Rudy. [TPM Election Central]

* Horror: without the death penalty, there will be no deterrent to committing heinous crimes in New Jersey. [Michelle Malkin]

* National Review has endorsed the most raving of the lunatics, which, you know, is understandable. [Hot Air]

* "Leave it to Republicans to waste a golden opportunity to champion fiscal restraint." [Redstate]

* This is probably the same "Jewish Grinch" that killed Christ, am I right? [WorldNet Daily]


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