Jill Biden Casually Trolling Melania Is Our Favorite Jill Biden

White House
Jill Biden Casually Trolling Melania Is Our Favorite Jill Biden
pic screengrabbed & tweeted by CNN's Kate Bennett

We'd like to make something clear, for journalism purposes. This is not the first time First Lady Dr. Jill Biden has worn her blazer that says "LOVE" on the back, unlike some first ladies who wear jackets with messages on the back that basically say BABIES IN JAILS ARE AWESOME, NOW COME TO MY SPOOKY CHRISM-O-WEEN HAUNTED HOUSE AND GET FRIGHTENED! You know, or whatever it said.

This is just the first time WE have noticed Dr. Biden's blazer. [Speak for yourself Evan. I notice all of the things. — Editrix] Also it is the first time Dr. Biden has worn it on her first trip abroad to see our allies in Europe and eventually give Vladimir Putin swirlies in Geneva. So we think it matters that she wore it, especially considering that poll yesterday what showed the world population is actually really, really hopeful about Joe Biden's presidency.

Oh hey look:

As The New Civil Rights Movement notes, lots of regular journalists are taking this as a casual troll of Melon. Wonkette chooses to also take it that way. We will also take it that way when Dr. Biden puts on a nice Christmas display at the White House that doesn't scare children. Guess we're just DICKS like that.

The AP reports that Dr. Biden's explanation for her blazer was not "LOL fuck Melania," but rather something different:

"We're bringing love from America," she told reporters, explaining her fashion choice.

"This is a global conference and we are trying to bring unity across the globe and I think it's needed right now, that people feel a sense of unity from all the countries and feel a sense of hope after this year of the pandemic."

Of course, the real trolling will happen once President Biden meets Vladimir Putin and he doesn't even ask Putin to help him steal any elections, because of how he can do that by himself.


That'll really get under his skin.

The end.

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