Yesterday's White House press briefing was remarkable. All of Donald Trump's intel and law enforcement chiefs came out, one by one, to say Russia is fucking with our elections right now. The orange elephant in the room was actually not in the room, it was Dumpster-Shit-In-Chief down the hall who believes Vladimir Putin's Russia can do no wrong. But it was good to see the ostensible adults in the room engaging on the issue!

But let's talk about what came after, during the "Show and Tell" section of the event, where journalists show the Trump administration how it is full of shit and Sarah Huckabee Sanders tells lies directly to their faces. In fact, we'll start at the end of the story:


Jim Acosta has been running afoul of this White House lately, committing the high treason of trying to do good journalism in the age of Donald Trump, who really wants to ban Acosta and April Ryan from the White House. Acosta spoke up when fellow CNN journo Kaitlan Collins was banned from a White House event recently, calling it "a new low for the White House." (Even Fox News got into the act with that one.) And at Trump's frothing white supremacist rally for frothy white supremacist pigs the other night in Florida, Trump's finest supporters jeered and heckled and cussed Acosta while he was trying to do his live shot. BUT YET HE PERSISTED, as all citizens must, in these dark times.

During yesterday's presser, Acosta asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders to affirm that a free press is not the "enemy of the people," as her boss refers to journalists constantly. Hell, Ivanka Trump said Thursday morning that she disagrees with her father about it. So it shouldn't be that hard for Sanders to say, "No I do not personally believe that," right? RIIIIIGHT? Hell, she might even get a free cheese plate out of the deal.

Instead Sanders filibustered with a prepared tirade of juvenile gibberish about how CNN said Sanders deserves to be harassed (bet she took that out of context) and she should be "choked" (bet she made that up) and now people who work at ICE aren't even allowed to go to church and also (here comes her voice breaking, as she musters up crocodile tears) MICHELLE WOLF MADE FUN OF HER FACE (no she didn't) and called her a "traitor to [her] own gender" (if Aunt Lydia's uniform fits!) and now she has to have Secret Service protection (which she only got because that restaurant in Virginia implemented its harsh chicken separation policy, where Sarah Huckabee Sanders is forcibly separated from her delicious chicken dinner like somebody who is decidedly not Winner Winner).

Acosta asked her again and again and again, but nah, fuck you, she's not saying it because she agrees with the president, who "clarified" his position on who is the enemy of the people on Thursday afternoon, by lying through his disgusting thin lip slit:

Here's the video of Sarah Huckabee Sanders refusing to say the press isn't the enemy of the people, if you feel like pissing two minutes of your life away watching that lying loser:

Acosta walked out after that. And everybody should have followed him. Who the fuck cares about the briefing anyway? In Trump's America, it adds zero value to our discourse, because of that fucking lying ass trifling woman and her constant lies in service of an autocratic regime. Use that time to do deeper, better reporting, and let the Shuckster lie to her own face in the mirror if she wants. Maybe when President Harris or President Gillibrand is inaugurated, we can do the briefing again, when it might actually matter.

And while we're on the subject, fuck the wall-to-wall coverage of Trump's constant vanity rallies. SPOILER: He lies. He incites violence. He lies some more. He whines like a whiny ass titty baby. He lies some more. Get an intern to watch the video and if he does something extra special, report on it, but otherwise, fuck these people and fuck the paste-eating minority of the country that supports this administration. Give them a real reason to hate the media, by IGNORING THEIR BULLSHIT.

Focus on what they do, not what they say, because what they say is only and always 100% verifiably #FullOfShit.

And that is what Wonkette thinks about that.

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