Jim Cramer, Joe Scarborough Have Had Enough Of These Jon Stewart LIES


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Last week on his Daily Show, Jon Stewart did something that's been a very popular trend on the Internet for about two years now: he searched "cnbc wrong" on YouTube and showed clips for five to ten minutes, with minimal commentary, because there is just too much CNBC badness on the YouTubes. (He didn't even get some of the REALLY good stuff, like when a guest would come on in early 2007, say that housing prices would fall and land us in a major recession, and be met with a terrifying response of ear-crushing drunk laughter and almost violent mockery.) The segment was extremely popular, and CNBC has been in damage control ever since. And what's a better way to make the whole episode quietly disappear than by putting loud bear-frog Jim Cramer on teevee shows to scream at Jon Stewart, for being mean?

Thank you to the team at Josh Marshall's liberal TPM blog for putting together this lovely clip of Cramer desperately stomping around various NBC studios, finding any and all operational cameras, and yelling at them about how Jon Stewart is a sack of shit. In one of these episodes, Joe Scarborough gets in on the act! They talk about how Jon Stewart is dishonest, mean, personal, a cherry-picker, an idiot, and a pussy. In fact they describe almost perfectly the Denby Definition of a "snarker," but don't be fooled, because David Denby told us in his book that Jon Stewart is not a "snarker" since his comedy is backed by earnest Civic Passion, much like Keith Olbermann, although he occasionally has bouts of "snarking"... oh god, we let our minds wander for one second and here we are, drifting off on a cloud of Denbyian comedic teleology.

Why anyone would want to pick a fight with Jon Stewart is confusing, because everyone likes him, and no one likes super rich ex-hedge fund managers who screamed on the Money Channel that Bear Stearns was "FINE, EVERYBODY, FINE" six days before it fucking croaked on the doorstep of JP Morgan and was discreetly swept inside the vestibule by the Federal Government, to avoid a scene.

Cramer Responds to Stewart w/Help from Scarborough [TPM TV]


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