Jim Gibbons Is America's Stupidest Governor

Wonkette readers know that new Nevada governor Jim Gibbons is a violentdelusional drunk and corrupt thug who keeps illegal aliens in his basement, but he's also a world-class moron!

The dingbat do-nothing ex-congressman and not-really-sworn-in guv has been impressing Nevadans with his shocking ignorance of his own policies. Neither Gibbons nor his staff have any knowledge of the sweeping and expensive new educational system they're importing from Canada for some reason. Drunky had to attend a seminar last week just so he could learn a few terms to repeat like a pea-brained bird. "This looks like a train wreck in progress as the cars start to, one by one, tumble off the tracks," Jon Ralston writes in the Las Vegas Sun. "And the real danger for any politician is not relentless criticism but unceasing caricaturing and ridicule. We are almost there."

Also last week, Gibbons told reporters he had hired "a very bright lady on energy." But he couldn't pronounce her name, because she's "Indian." Actually, she's a Turkish woman named Hatice Gecol. Keep up the good work, dummy!

Gibbons criticizes roads panel [Las Vegas Review Journal]


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