Jim Gibbons: Probably Really Nevada's Governor, Definitely A Corrupt Scumbag

Since we are bloggers and thus TOTALLY FIXATED on accuracy and fairness, we feel a need to point out that, contrary to our earlier post on the subject, Jim Gibbons may in fact be the legal governor of the great state of Nevada. Turns out that Gibbons did in fact resign from Congress on December 31 -- there's even a letter -- so his oath of office in his living room as governor later that night was legal, if totally insane.

On the bright side, when Gibbons was in Congress, one of his staffers on the intel committee was Brent "Nine Fingers" Bassett, who, despite his name, is not a Damon Runyon character, but rather a player in the whole Cunningham/Dusty Foggo brouhaha with the kickbacks and the whores and what have you. Which means that Gibbons will probably be doing the perp walk by the end of the year. So, there's that.

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