Jim Talent Hides the Bodies, George Allen Becomes an Intern

The entire Capitol and all the offices are filled with losers needing to clean out their junk, but still hanging out and refusing to leave. Two of those losers are departing Senators Jim Talent and George Allen. How are they coping with life in the private sector? Not particularly well, as two tipsters informed us this afternoon.

First, Senator Talent -- a smart man, if a somewhat conspicuous one:

There is a huge tower of boxes in the hallway of the 4th floor of the Russell Senate Office Building labeled "Senator Talent's Office. Please Shred".

We like the directness. Anyone manage to snag a picture?

After the jump, a brief George Allen story that will warm the macacockles of your heart.

Allen is so bored and desperate to keeping chilling in the Capitol that he's actually giving tours, the lamest duty of all, as all former interns and staffers know.

Yesterday I was giving a tour of the Capitol and I almost ran into (literally) Senator George Allen, apparently escorting a group of constituents around on a Capitol tour himself. He must be REALLY bored to be walking around doing the job of staff assistants and interns!!!

But did he have a football? We need to know these things!

We'll also accept more stories of the losers still puttering around the halls of the Capitol, asking for change or whatever they're doing.


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