Jim Tedisco Likely To Concede Today (ARE YOU LISTENING NORM COLEMAN?)

Jim Tedisco Likely To Concede Today (ARE YOU LISTENING NORM COLEMAN?)

Jim Tedisco, Republican of New York, has apparently lost New York's20th congressional district special election to Scott Murphy. But, as it was pretty close, Tedisco and the Republicans contested some ballots and blah blah, the usual thing, and today -- after such embarrassments as challenging the residency of Air America liberal radio host Sam Seder, who not only has his permanent residence in the district but served as a jury foreman there the week of the election -- Tedisco is probably going to concede.

How did this race get so boring? Maybe because all congressional races are ultimately boring, unless there's some incredible douche-sack who stands to lose, an epic jackass on the Tom DeLay/Michele Bachmann/Don Sherwood level.

But, this race was allegedly the Supreme Test for hip-hop street thug Michael Steele's new GOP. If he couldn't get a Republican to win this little House race in a traditionally backwoods/conservative area, then he would be ousted. And if Steele did manage to grab this congressional seat for the Republicans, he would also be fired. This is because his skin is of a darker complexion than his rival, the slaveholder from South Carolina, Katon Dawson.

Had Tedisco won, CNN and the Washington Post and "First Read" and, of course, The Politico would begin a hysterical orgy of BAD NEWS FOR OBAMA and THE TIDE HAS TURNED and REPUBLICANS ARE BACK nonsense. As it looks like Murphy has won the race with a lead of about 400 votes, you can pretty much expect to hear nothing at all.

Teabagging! It's a lifestyle.

Sources say Tedisco concession likely [Capital 9 News]


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