Jim Webb: The Drinking Man's Candidate

flipcupwebb.jpgBinge Drink for Jim Webb! Finally, a candidate who truly represents Virginia!

Meanwhile, some rabble-rouser has started a blog dedicated solely to passing on bizarre quasi-rumors about Jim Webb's "womanizing." Said womanizing: dating a female midshipman in 1980. These guys are so dedicated, they're posting this outrageous story on various other conservative blogs and they're having a really exciting conversation with themselves in the comments section. Said comments section also includes one of the best George Allen endorsements we've seen in some time:

george allen is the only candidate who uses an electric fence in his backyard to block black people from stealing turtles from his pond and eating them.

he is the candidate for me.

VAMD Political Muddle

Wild for Webb Happy Hour and Flip Cup Tournament [Facebook]


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