Jim Webb Too Much Of A Manly Badass For Veep?

All you ladies and gents wetting your pants over ginger-topped Appalachian porn scribe Jim Webb maybe becoming America's next vice president, cross your legs and think on this for a moment: he might havetoo many desirable qualities to ever take the job. You see, just as Rambo would have made a horrible president on account of his skull-knockin' tendencies, so would Jim Webb, "the thinking man's Rambo," make a horrible vice president.

James Fallows writes:

Jim Webb has arranged his life so as to maximize his intellectual and personal independence, and minimize the things he "has" to do and the bosses he must answer to. ... The federal government office that least matches Webb's lifetime path is the vice presidency. Some wonderful people have held the job, plus some terrible ones. The ones who are happiest are those who can bide their time, bite their tongue, fly to foreign-dignitary funerals, and stick absolutely to the company line.

Class dismissed, now you may all fantasize about your beloved iconoclast telling dead foreign dignitaries where to stick their opinions.

Simple comment on Jim Webb as veep [The Atlantic]


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