Jimmy Carter Continues To Be Most Awesome Living Ex-President

Jimmy Carter Continues To Be Most Awesome Living Ex-President

All y'all with your Bubba hard-ons can leave right now until the next post comes on. Official Wonkette Editorial Policy proclaims Jimmy Carter the bitchinest, raddest, most fuckin' greatest of all living ex-presidents and probably the dead ones too.

Former President Jimmy Carter said that he favored legalizing marijuana during a panel discussion broadcast on CNN Tuesday.

“I’m in favor of it. I think it’s OK,” Carter said at the forum, which was taped Friday. “I don’t think it’s going to happen in Georgia yet, but I think we can watch and see what happens in the state of Washington, for instance around Seattle, and let the American government and let the American people see does it cause a serious problem or not.”

This, of course, is in contrast to our beloved B. Barry Bamz, whose Justice Department is thinking of new and creative ways to screw Washington state and Colorado and nice downtown LA medical marijuana dispensaries WHO NEVER HURT ANYONE as we speak.

Carter added that he thought it was appropriate to allow states like Washington and Colorado — which voted last month to legalize recreational marijuana use — to see how marijuana legalization would look.

“All drugs were decriminalized in Portugal a few years ago and the use of drugs has gone down dramatically and nobody has been put in prison,” Carter said. [...]

“When I was president, in 1979 I made my definitive speech about drugs and I called for the decriminalization of marijuana," Carter said. "This was in 1979 — not for the legalization but the decriminalization to keep people from being put in prison just because they were smoking a marijuana cigarette."

How hard is it to be an old white man (almost a nonagenarian even), use the term "marijuana cigarette" and still be the coolest guy on the block? NOT TOO HARD FOR JIMMY CARTER, THAT'S WHAT.

Hahaha, stupid Jimmy Carter, with his call for decriminalization and that embarrassing way he put solar panels on the White House roof like a common hippie. Thank God we had Ronald Reagan move in and take them down.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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