Jimmy Carter, Insufficient Hater of Those Who Hate Freedom

The wingnuts have gotten very upset about former President Jimmy Carter's assertion that the abuses at Guantanamo might be an "aggravating factor" in inducing anti-American terrorism. The "Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler," for one, unselfconsciously proves this point by actively wishing for Carter's death. ("Keep it up and, G-d willing, you might just succeed in rolling yourself off a cliff. What a joyous occasion that would be.") But let's stay focused on Islamic terrorism. We can't help but notice that one of the War on Terrorism's Global Struggle Against Extremism's most prominent spokespeople has himself opined -- more than once; many, many times more than once -- that the reason terrorists attack us is because they "hate freedom." So, you know, if just the idea of freedom makes them strap on suicide bombs, seems like fake menstrual blood might do the trick as well.

Carter: Guantanamo Detentions Disgraceful [AP]

Oh, Go Choke on a Peanut Already, You Moron [Anti-Iditoarian Rottweiler]

site:whitehouse.gov hate freedom [Google]


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