Jimmy Carter Targeted By Bush 41's Bizarre UFO Scam

After Jimmy Carter won the presidency, he paid a visit to then-CIA director George H.W. Bush's office and supposedly asked to see the agency's UFO files -- Carter had seen something weird flying around the skies back in 1969, when he was standing outside a Lion's Club in Georgia, and had made campaign promises to open up the government's X-Files.

Find out how the Bush Family protects the Alien Invaders from space, too, after the jump.

Poppy Bush refused, saying Carter didn't have the "need to know" required to see the CIA's apparently extensive Top Secret Space Monster Archives.

Instead, Bush suggested the new president ask the Congressional Research Service to prepare a UFO briefing for the new administration. Carter apparently did so, and through some convoluted process the young general counsel for the Jesuits in Washington was asked to get the Vatican's secret UFO files for the White House ... and the Vatican flatly denied the request. (The lawyer was Daniel Sheehan, who would become famous for investigating conspiracies such as Iran-Contra and the Karen Silkwood murder.)

Sheehan was eventually led to a secret Library of Congress vault with armed guards and a mysterious man in a suit. Sheehan saw remarkable (fake) pictures and film of crashed flying saucers; he wasn't allowed to take notes or make copies.

According to some website claim that's about as plausible as anything else these days, Bush 41 set up Sheehan so that Carter would launch a UFO crusade and otherwise act like a nut, which would discredit the new administration -- all because Carter was going to shut down all the illegal CIA operations. But Jimmy didn't take the bait, and Bush 41 got fired, but he soon got his revenge on Carter when Reagan/Bush won the White House back for the Team just one term later.

"Double Bubble": Bush, Carter, and disinformation [Cannonfire]


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