Jimmy Fallon's Shares People First Messy Dates! Tabs, Wed., Sept. 1, 2021


Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Oh look, Florida cooked its COVID books starting last month! (Miami Herald)

More about the Trumpy docs — the "Frontline Covid Critical Care Alliance" — behind the push for horse dewormer. — HuffPost

Maurice Hilleman, the man whose 40-plus vaccines save eight million lives a year. (Wikipedia)

An old Baffler about how the Right loves literal snake oil, from 2012 even! — The Baffler

Joe Biden did something presidents don't do: He stood up to the generals. Plus, you've got to love someone writing from the Left: "OK, I'll say it again. I was wrong about Joe Biden." — Mehdi Hasan at MSNBC

Hurricane Ida the poster child for climate change disaster. (Real News) On the other hand, turns out "big public investments in important infrastructure" means the levees didn't actually break this time. (AP)

Tucker Carlson lying, "Non-Citizens Can Vote In California Recall" edition. — Media Matters

"Moderate" Democrats are knifing Joe Biden's taxes on the rich, spearheaded by former senator turned lobbyist Heidi Heitkamp. (My senator, Jon Tester, is one who is squawking on behalf of "family farms" in demanding that Paris Hilton never meet an inheritance tax. It is disappointing!) — Jon Chait at New York mag

Liz at ATL on The Mystery of The Missing MAGA Lawyer. Spine-tingling!

Hey remember when Wyoming threatened to sue other states for not buying its coal? It should talk to a little state called "Wyoming." (Electrek)

Cool stuff people found in walls. (Daily Time Waste)

Good thing you're not allowed to make these 31 things to make in August because it is September now. (Food and Wine) Anybody who tried to make all 31 would end up like poor whiny terrible Julie who nobody likes because she ruined Julie & Julia.

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