Joe Barton: 'Joe Barton Was Right'

Has Joe Barton stopped apologizing about his BP comment and letting himself be paddled by Republican leaders and come back around to knowing he was right when he said it? Dave Weigel. SHOOK DOWN (looked at) Joe Barton's Twitter account, and it would appear so! This tweet directs "readers" to an American Spectator article that argues Joe Barton was right. Thank God the American Spectator is around to defend Joe Barton's honor! Now the American public can resume its love affair with Congressman Joe Barton.

The tweet has been taken down, however. Joe Barton's Twitter account is not actually (surprise!) Joe Barton, but an automated thing for sending out news clips his office thinks are relevant, according to his spokesman.

Is Twitter nothing more than a joint conspiracy by the Chicago political machine and the Internet to get Joe Barton to do and say stupid stuff? Yes.

Get Joe Barton off the Twitter and into a tanning bed so he can be our next Speaker of the House. [Dave Weigel.]


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