Joe Biden Performs Live Autopsy On Donald Trump During Epic COVID-19 Speech

Joe Biden in Darby, PA

The Hill

Joe Biden no longer talks about beating up Donald Trump.

This was a thing 50 years ago last year. Uncle Joe even challenged Trump to a push-up contest.

Everything's different now, and Biden knows it. The incumbent president isn't just an obnoxious jerk. He's currently steering the country into a COVID-19-shaped iceberg. Addressing a small group of socially distant reporters Wednesday at a campaign event in Darby, Pennsylvania, Biden torched Trump's pandemic response with a blistering “Reason You Suck" speech.

On Monday, Donald Trump said, "If we stopped testing right now for COVID-19, we'd have very few cases if any." ... It's a statement that's not only absurd, it's absolutely tragic. Yesterday, the head of the White House task force on coronavirus, the vice president, claimed success in the fight because deaths are "down to fewer than 750 a day" — 750 fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, uncles, aunts, husbands, wives, children dying every day. More than 20,000 a month. That's greater than World War II level casualties each month, that's more than five 9/11s each month, and this administration is engaging in self-congratulations? Maybe good enough for Donald Trump, but it will never, ever be acceptable if I'm your president.

Joe Biden speaks about reopening of American businesses, attacks President Trump | FULL

Biden is uniquely suited for this moment. A public health crisis like the coronavirus doesn't require reinventing the wheel. It just demands actual leadership that acknowledges the wheel exists. Trump has lied, ignored the advice of medical experts, and pitched magical elixirs like a less reliable carnival barker. The coronavirus has claimed the lives of at least 117,700 Americans so far, and Biden clearly and without hesitation blames the president for the needless deaths on his watch.

Researchers have shown that tens of thousands of Americans have died needlessly because Donald Trump was slow to respond to the crisis and then when he did he bungled the response.

Oh, that's why Trump tweeted about Joe Biden's bungle. NO BUNGLE NO BUNGLE JOE BIDEN IS THE BUNGLE.

How tiresome.

Biden correctly noted how he played Jor-El in January and February, warning that Trump wasn't taking the rising COVID-19 threat seriously. The president ignored the intelligence community and his closest advisers who weren't idiots like his son-in-law. Trump didn't want anyone bringing him "no bad news."

The former vice president acknowledged the sacrifices Americans have made to slow the spread of COVID-19 and save lives. People have lost businesses, jobs, and even basic human contact if you're into that sort of thing. But the bum squatting in the Oval Office is actively sabotaging the progress we've made thanks to his Cobra Commander-style leadership.

All because [Trump's] lost interest. He's once again ignoring the facts. The public health response is still woefully, woefully lacking from this administration ... We still don't have what we need when it comes to rapid results testing, contact tracing capacity, widely available personnel protective equipment for them, or clear nationwide guidance.

“Lost interest" perfectly encapsulates Trump's callousness. He's bored, so he's scaled back COVID-19 task force meetings. He “sent his testing czar home," and only a fraction of money given to the Pentagon for essential medical supplies has “made it out the door." The self-styled “wartime" president has “waved a white flag." He's not just a coward. He's lazy. He wants to “retreat" to the campaign trail for his ego-stroking rallies that might literally kill people.

Biden also called out Trump for failing the most basic GED test of leadership: He won't wear a damn mask. His stooges have criticized Biden for respecting the health of others, like a sissy, but Biden turns this back on the president, observing how his failure to fight the coronavirus "with the same energy and focus that he uses to troll his enemies on Twitter has cost us lives and is putting hope for an economic recovery at risk."

I have some basic questions for President Donald Trump. What are you going to do to make sure every worker has access to regular testing so they have the same confidence to go into a store or go back to work that White House staffers have? Why are you leaving schools and child care centers to navigate the uncertainty all on their own without an effective guidance and resources that they need to protect the kids and their communities? Why don't you enforce the OSHA standards for worker protection during this global pandemic?

Biden outlined his strategy for managing COVID-19. Borrowing from FDR, Biden said “the American people can handle anything, just tell them the truth." Trump is fundamentally incapable of honesty. He can't wish away a "fact of nature" like the coronavirus. He can't deny it exists or was ever alone in a room with it.

First, we have to do everything we can to avoid deadly spikes in the infections as people begin to go back out into the world. We're not that much better prepared today for the run of cases that overfills our intensive care units than we were three months ago. Second, we have to help give people the assurance and precautions that are necessary to restart the economy with confidence. If Americans lose what faith they have left, what little faith they have left in the government's ability to manage this pandemic, we'll see much deeper and longer lasting economic impacts than we even, and with even greater repercussions for people's well-being.

Biden then ordered Trump to “wake up" and “get to work." CNN, MSNBC, and even Fox News aired Biden's speech live instead of Trump's lie-packed gibberish, so you know he was pissed.Chuck Todd (of course) ignored the substance of Biden's remarks and instead commented on his performance and the camera angles like it was a goddamn MTV video. Todd also infamously suggested Hillary Clinton was “over-prepared." Ideally, we've spent enough time in quarantine to realize that a president's “Q rating" is meaningless and you can't “over-prepare" for global pandemics.

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