Joe Biden Rape-Kisses Some Racist Old Lady

Joe Biden has one job this election: to get the Bitters in Pennsylvania to vote for a black Muslim. That is literally all he has to do. Maybe Ohio, too, but mostly Pennsylvania, because he was of course born there! In Scranton, the famous town where Happiness goes to die. On Friday, he went to Northeast Philadelphia -- "The Scranton of Philadelphia" -- to meet some old white folks and tell 'em about Barry. He even kissed some old gal on the forehead, but she was disgusted, because there's a huge stumbling block among these "white ethnics" Joe Biden is targeting:they really, really hate black people.

Joe Biden tried so hard with these folks. He even told them that Barry would end the "war on unions," a term that only exists when you're pandering to old working-class white people. And then he slobbered his nigra-loving saliva all over some old dame:

In a corner booth, Biden sat down and, after a moment's conversation, planted a kiss on the forehead of Carolyn Bauer, age 89. Bauer explained afterward it wasn't such a friendly encounter.

"I told him I'm not going to vote for him," Bauer said. "Anybody who runs with a guy with a name like that is not going to get my vote. It'd be disgusting to get a man named Barack Obama as president of the United States. No way. I mean it ... I'm going to vote for McCain and the lady."

"[Obama's] a Muslim," Bauer added. "He pretends to be a Christian, and he isn't, he's a Muslim."

Wait until Bauer hears about his middle name. Or when she hears that "the lady" has a name at all.

Screw the southern states -- Pennsylvania is absolutely the most racist state in America. Add up the entire population of the "Republican T" in the central and northern parts of the state, plus working class neighborhoods in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and you've got 10 times as many racists living and breathing, at any given time, than there have ever been in the rest of the world throughout history. The rest of the state is just like black people and 15-20 elitist snobs. Good luck, Catholic Joe!

Biden gets mixed welcome in Northeast [Philadelphia Daily News]

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