Joe Biden Swears At FairTax Custard Maker For Only Wanting To Survive As a Small Businessman


[youtube expand=1]

"Where's the ice cream?" "It's CUSTARD!" Uggh. Joe Biden went to a frozen dairy purveyor in Wisconsin this weekend, and when he asked how much he owed for this photo op custard stuff, some guy in a stupid hat spit out some dumb quip about taxes. So Joe Biden said a swear so that everyone would report about custard and tax wingnuts and not being able to discuss policy when the vice president visits your custard hole today instead of the story that the U.S. is SECRETLY putting WARSHIPS near Iran. What other news have Joe Biden gaffes distracted us from?

  • All of New York was blown up in a terrorist attack last month, but Joe Biden called a tool-and-die maker a "dumbfuck."
  • The Obama administration started sending Teabaggers to re-education internment camps in socialist Canada last Tuesday, but Joe Biden called a glassblower a "glass-cock sucker."
  • All conservative reporters were replaced with speeches by Jon Favreau on Thursday, but Joe Biden called a toy maker an "elfish cuntbag."
  • That custard was REALLY DELICIOUS, but Joe Biden called that custard guy a "smartass."

Now you know.


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