Joe Biden Tells America To Track Stimulus On Wrong Website


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Look, when Joe Biden was growing up in Scranton, all the local guys -- classy ones, they had CLASS back then -- would end their damn websites with the same damn thing, ".com," alright? They didn't have any of this pansy ass ".gov" or ".org" or ".edu" or ".whateverthegoddamnthing" monkey business; it was either ".com" or nothing and you sucked it up, took it like a man. JESUS! So don't go hollering at Joe Biden for referring to "" as "" in a speech today and thereby boosting some private company's new project, okay?, because who gives a rat's ass what the damn thing is, all these sites look the same anyway...

"We've already set up a Web site,, which will show where and how the money is being spent," the vice president told the leaders of the United States Conference of Mayors during a speech in the East Room of the White House. "The public can actually go on a Web site and see how we're spending this money."

But the stimulus site is not -- it's and earlier today both redirected to the commercial Web research company Onvia, a NASDAQ-traded $20 million business that's been tracking government spending for a decade and that's now also in the business of helping businesses secure government contracts being doled out under the stimulus bill.

The problem is that tons of people went to earlier today and discovered a website that will, in fact, track how the stimulus money is spent, but probably in much greater detail than whatever pretend-transparent bullshit will offer.

Joe Biden is great.

The VP Gives Wrong Recovery Website [YouTube]

Misspeaking, Biden Directs Mayors to Private Web Company [Washington Post]


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