Joe Biden's Infamous Motorcade Of Blood & Death Attacks Olympics

Joe Biden's Infamous Motorcade Of Blood & Death Attacks Olympics

In terms ofimmediate danger, the most relieving aspect of Barack Obama's inauguration for Washingtonians, it seemed, was an end to eight terrifying years of hearing that ominous, Satanic whisper in the distance while walking on the sidewalk; hearing it grow louder, more cackling, piercing, as seconds pass by and toxic orange fire clouds begin to accumulate and travel in unison with the Death Laughter, all from the same direction -- originating in the northwest, emitting from a row of chimneys atop a secluded dungeon at postal address One Observatory Circle. Fire and toxins and hellish whirrs, rushing at otherworldly velocities; then, the (thuds) and exhausting screams of not-so-distant clipped commuters in bike lanes, joining the apocalpytic cacophony of fire and torture and lava and genocide; a swirling Wagnerian hell-on-earth massacre of souls, the white noise of human souls being tangibly destroyed, louder and faster and deadlier and bloodier until VVVVRRROOOSSHHH arrives the envoy of armored SUV limousines, dozens of them, fire-emitting metal spikes guarding their fronts as they launch 2,000-MPH Incendiary Total War on the objects of Massachusetts Avenue, 9-foot-tall fully-armed Halliburton orcs spraying aerial swarms of leaden death at nearby elementary schools from each vehicle's side windows, invincible red-eyed death robots with nuclear warhead gun-arms emerging from each sunroof, nuking nearby black women and children, and you realize: "Oh right, Dick Cheney's giving a speech at the Heritage Foundation this morning."

But with Joe Biden, it's just been more of the same.

Vehicles in the vice president's motorcade have recently been "involved" in twocrashes, although in each case, they tell us, Biden was not in the damaged (damaging?) vehicle, and it was the other person's fault anyway. Whatever you say, Suits.

Now it's escalated:

ANCOUVER, British Columbia — Figure skating great Peggy Fleming and former bobsled champion Vonetta Flowers sustained minor injuries Sunday in a traffic accident while riding with hockey Olympian Mike Eruzione in Vice President Joe Biden's motorcade at the Vancouver Olympics.

Biden was in a different vehicle and wasn't involved in the accident.

Fleming said she was in a van with Flowers, Eruzione, as well as White House and Secret Service personnel. The motorcade was heading to a hockey game when the van was rear-ended.

Poor Dick Cheney. All he can muster nowadays is bumping into Biden's motorcade vans with his used Geo Metro.

Wouldn't you feel the same resentment? Are you willing to empathize?

Peggy Fleming Hurt In Joe Biden Motorcade Crash [AP]


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